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The Future of
Work is Now

You may have heard the term ‘Hybrid work’ lately, but maybe you don’t know exactly what it means. Hybrid working simply means a mixture of working from home and in the office. Hybrid offices will have some of the staff work completely remotely, while others will split their time between working from home and in the office. Hybrid is the future of work and it offers businesses and its employees unparalleled flexibility to suit anyone’s preferred working style. In order to be successful in the Hybrid workplace your company needs to stay connected and communicate clearly. And that’s where Poly comes in to ensure that your company has every chance at success by providing you with the right tools to suit your needs.

Work is Wherever
You Are

Gone are the days of only working in the office. The modern workforce is too mobile for that. Hybrid work allows your company and its staff the flexibility to get work done where and when they feel most productive. Some people may work better in the early morning, while others work better in the evening. Some people prefer to work in the office and bounce ideas in person, while others like to work in the quiet of their own home or in a remote location. The beauty of the hybrid work model is it is all inclusive, as it is up to you to work where, when, and how you work best. Work is no longer a fixed location, but rather is wherever you are.

The Hybrid Worker

So what does a Hybrid worker look like exactly? Well, there is a very good chance that you are one of these hybrid workers already. If you work some days in the office and some days at home then you are a hybrid worker. The Hybrid worker is mobile and relies heavily on video conferencing to stay connected. They require professional video quality and a headset with noise cancelling to block out background noise and a premium mic that captures their voice clearly and confidently. The Hybrid worker is always on the move and doesn’t want to be held back by wires, so they will thrive with a wireless headset to enable them to communicate anywhere and everywhere.

Hybrid Work Strategy

Now is the time to start developing your hybrid work strategy. After all, you want your staff to feel supported during the transition to hybrid working and you certainly don’t want them to jump ship and look for work elsewhere. By giving your staff the best-in-class audio and video solutions, you are setting them up for success. And what’s good for them, is good for your business too. By using better tools for communication, you’ll be able to communicate more clearly, more often and will accomplish more tasks in less time.

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