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The Hybrid Call Centre

The way we do business has changed. We’ve seen a shift from providing person-to-person service to relying more heavily on call centres. And now customer service representatives (CSRs) are working in a hybrid capacity. Which means they are taking calls both in the office and at home, and lots of CSRs are working from home full time. Call centres typically have a large workforce and transitioning them all to working from home is not easy, but there are plenty of opportunities to improve your customer service, strengthen relationships with your customers and boost your competitive edge.

The Frontline of Communications

Call centres are the frontline for engaging and serving your customers, so it’s absolutely crucial that you ensure your communication is crystal clear. You may have been on the phone to a call centre recently and struggled to hear and understand them, or maybe you even heard a dog barking in the background. The experience might have turned you off that company and made you seek out a different call centre. These are the unfortunate side effects of not having the right tools or technology. Luckily, Poly has you covered with headsets specifically designed for the needs of people working in call centres.

The Power of Your Voice

Do you want to know the secret to boosting your customer satisfaction and improving your Net Promoter Score (NPS)? The answer is simple: it’s your voice. Customers want to speak to a real, live person on the other end of the line, and your voice provides them that reassurance that they are speaking with a human and not a machine. Your voice has incredible power in creating positive experiences with your customers, but only if they can hear you clearly. Hard to hear calls and background noise can cause confusion, frustration and delays.

Block Out Noise and Distractions

Nothing sounds more unprofessional than your customers hearing excessive background noise on your calls with them. And these noises are distracting for your CSRs too. It’s a lose/lose situation. Well you can solve that all too common situation with Poly’s innovative Acoustic Fence technology. Acoustic Fence is like putting a bubble around your head. The customer only hears your voice, and you only hear the customer. Any talking, barking or vacuuming in the background simply disappears. This technology helps your CSR focus on the customer and allows your customer to hear you clearly and come out of the call with a positive experience and good impression of your company.

Save: $331
  • WORKS WITH - Desk Phone + PC + Mobile
  • UP TO 13hrs talk time
  • 55-180m range
Save: $266
  • WORKS WITH - Desk Phone
  • Over head wearing style
  • Up to 12 hrs talk time
  • Up to 120m range
Save: $459
  • WORKS WITH - Desk Phone
  • 2 wearing styles incl.
  • AMAZING value
  • 7 hours talk time
  • 100m wireless range